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Shoe Covers are a practical, inexpensive, unique, and professional solution to one of the most common problems facing realtors, homeowners and other professional tradesmen every day. Smart homeowners and top housing agents around the country are using our disposable shoe covers instead of asking visitors to remove their shoes before entering their newly listed or remodeled home. Parents with small children appreciate them to help keep floors free of bacteria and germs. Real Estate Agents, Appraisers and Tradesmen are using these shoe covers to give themselves a professional edge over the competition by minimizing their liability while taking care of their customer's home. Give your customers peace of mind with quality, skid-resistant shoe covers. These shoe covers are inexpensive enough to be disposable but tough enough to be reusable.

General Use Shoe Covers

Have these lightweight shoe covers available for visitor and other non-hazardous area uses. The non-conductive shoe covers provide a moderate barrier to fluids, particulates and contamination. This category of shoe cover is not appropriate for use in protecting employees from environmental risks or protecting controlled environments from employee contamination.
Anti-Slip Shoe Covers

With anti-slip properties, these top value shoe covers work great on a wide range of floor surfaces. The sole material is extremely clean and exhibits excellent durability.
Industrial Shoe Covers

These heavy duty shoe covers are manufactured to meet high standards in quality for the industrial environment. An extra frame inside prevents the booties from leaking and ensures that all muddy and oily substances remain inside.

   Custom orders are available.