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Roller Kelly Bushing

Roller kelly bushing is a necessary tool for drilling, by matching with rotary square to drive kelly pipe. Through the rotation of four rolls, the friction between rolls and kelly pipes is reduced to extend service life. Change different rollers to match with different squares and hexagonal kelly pipes and connect with different rotary tables. Two transmission styles (square and pin-connect) are available.

The product is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K "Specification for Drill Equipment".
Model Type Max. torque N.m Drive mode Size range of Kelly (in)
Square Hexagon
HDS Heavy-duty 27000 Square 3-6 3-6
20-HDP 32340 Pin 3-6 3-6
27-HDP Pin 3-6 3-6
MDS Medium-duty 22540 Square 21/2-51/4 3-41/4
17-MDP Pin 21/2-41/4 3-41/4
20-MDP Pin 21/2-41/4 3-41/4
LDS Light-duty 13720 Square 21/2-41/4 3-41/4
Note: Model 27-HDP is equal to original GBX-6Z; Model HDS is equal to original GBX-6.