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Motor Reversing Pump Jack

The motor reversing pump jack is a high efficiency and low energy consumption product. It uses the intelligent analog and digital control and uses the switched reluctance motor as the prime mover which the power factor is cosΦ≈1. As the transmission of the friction wheel is the working mechanism, the mechanical transmission line is short and the efficiency is high. The starting reversion is stable with low impact. The stroke and stroke frequency can be regulated independently and steplessly. The velocity of the up stroke and down stroke of the polished rod can be controlled respectively. Its mechanical efficiency is about two times of the conventional beam pumping unit, its system efficiency reaches to 50%, and energy saving rate is 46%. The product is an ideal pumping unit to replace conventional beam pumpjack.
Items      \       Model  8 10 12 14
Max. rated load (Klbf )  ≤18  ≤22.5  ≤27  ≤31.5 
Stroke length (in)  ≤197 Can be regulated steplessly  ≤287 Can be regulated steplessly 
Stroke per minute ( SPM)  ≤6 Can be regulated steplessly  ≤5 Can be regulated steplessly 
Balancetype  Symmetry 
Reducer Type  XW8215  XW8225  XW8245  XW8245   XW-8255
 Max. torgue (Klbf.in) 102 107 107 107 256
Overa Ratio 59or71
Motor Type  L200  L200B  Y255M-6  Y250M-6  L280 
Ratedpower (hp)  30 30 41 50 61
Rotatespeed(r/min)  1000
Total LXWXH (in)  199×157×379  158×201×399  156×201×478  207×276×478 
Totalweight (lb) 17500 17870 27560 29770 31090