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Compound Balanced Pump Jack

The compound balanced pump jack is added with the lower barbell rigid device on the base of the regular walking beam pump jack to make the reducer torsion change slowly. It achieves the energy saving effect through reducing the peak torsion, It also greatly improves the working condition of the pump jack, and increases the working capacity and prolonges the working life of equipments. Integrating all advantages of the regular walking beam pump jack, it has better performance, relibility, simple structure, and can be conveniently operated and repaired.
Pumping unit model Max. Rated Reducer's Stroke  Stroke Fre-  Electric motor Total Weight 
Load (KN)  torsion(KN.m) Length (m)  quency (min-1)  power (KW) (Kg)
CYJY10-4.2-53HB 100 53 4.2, 3.6, 3 5,6,7 37 24000
CYJY12-4.8-73HB 120 73 4.8, 4.2,3.6 4,6 45 26300
CYJY14-5.4-89HB 140 89 5.4,4.5,3.6 4, 5, 6 55 32700
CYJY16-5.4-105HB 160 105 5.4,4.5,3.6 4, 5, 6 75 34100