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    Beam Pump Jack     Compound Balanced Pump Jack
Simple and easy to install and maintain. It works smoothly with minimal noise. Walking beam is a box or welded H steel beam with great durability,good rigidity and heavy capacity...
The compound balanced pump jack is added with the lower barbell rigid device on the base of the regular walking beam pump jack to make the reducer torsion change slowly. It achieves the energy saving effect through reducing the peak torsion...
    Double HorseHead Pump Jack     Reactive Commutation Intelligent Pump Jack
Compared with the regular conventional beam pump jack,it has longer stroke length, smaller dynamic loads and variation of the torque, higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, smoother operation, and easier start.
It is an integrated mechanical and electrical product with high performance and energy-saving function.
    Motor Reversing Pump Jack    
It uses the intelligent analog and digital control and uses the switched reluctance motor as the prime mover which the power factor is cosΦ≈1.