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Downhole Drilling Motor

We provide high quality performance drilling motors for the oil and gas & mine and water. We offer all type of drilling applications also designed and produced by demand of clients.

§ Drilling motors family :
We provider a complete line of drilling motors ranging from 1 11/16"OD to 11 1/4"OD, different type and specifications, such as ABH(adjustable bend housing)and oil based mud or high temperature etc. 

§ Design and produce :
Our manufacturer has a magical motor facility and workshop for design and produce the drilling motors. We have strongly support of technology and intelligence guarantee also build collectivity of cooperation and development.  

§ Quality system :
Our manufacturer takes the ISO9001:2000 and API Spec-7 as main quality standard, strictly perform technics of inspect and continuously promote level of inspect are core behave for drilling motors.

§ Specialized team :
Our manufacturer has a strongly staff of experts to provide technical guide and assistance with issues concerning  engineering , manufacturing, solutions and technical services. We always stands in your side.

§ Customer driven :
Our manufacturer is available to innovate new and specialized motor designs for special drilling requirements, clients give chance of improve technology to us.

§ Documentation and train :
We provide all necessary documentation including service manuals, operation handbooks and technical bulletins, feedback book and test reports.