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Tricone Bits

We provide a complete line of tricone bits ranging from 4 5/8"OD to 13 3/4"OD, different type and specifications, such as TCI and milled tooth, rubber rings sealing and metal rings sealing, also additional features etc.

Tooth Type Models

Product Naming Example: Model Name -> 8 1/2  H  A  T  J  506  C
8 1/2 Bit diameter H Series code
A Rubber rings improved T Trim cutter
J Metal rings seals 506 IADC code
C Additional features    

Technical Highlights:
  • Improved structure of teeth and rubber seals
    Further increase rate of penetration,footage and the life of Bits.

  • Tricone Bits with Ancillary Teeth Sprue
    The strengthened ancillary teeth play the role of crashing for the second time.They assist the main teeth to smash large rock timely, and crash protuberance of rocks. They protect the basal body of tricone bits as well as accelerate the smooth clear-up of crashed rocks.

  • Carbonization Intensified
    Effectively improve anti-erosion ability of sprue surface of tooth palms, and increase the adaptability of tricone bit to all kinds of conditions of drill holes, such as high pump pressure, large ouput volume and combined spray nozzles, etc.