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Industrial Supplies
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    Hook & Block     Rotary Table
Joining traveling block and hook together reduces overall Length and can help satisfy the requirements of operating a top drive.
The Rotary Table is used to turn the drilling pipe and therefore turn the drilling bit on the end of the pipe.
    Swivel     Mud Pump
XSL Swivel with spinner is a combination of swivel and Kelly spinner, driven by air motor or hydraulic motor, with keyless connection adopted between spinner and central pipe of swivel.
We supply F series,PZ series drilling mud pump and compound drive groups that mainly used in oil field and geological prospecting for well drilling,well workover,cementing,water shut off,water flooding and sending mud.
    Tri-cone bit     Downhole Motor
We supply a complete line of tricone bits ranging from 4 5/8"OD to 13 3/4"OD, different type and specifications, TCI and milled tooth, rubber rings sealing and metal rings sealing etc.
Ranging from 1 11/16"OD to 11 1/4"OD, different type and specifications, customization is available.
     Drill Pipe Power Tongs     Casing Tongs
A combination of spinning tong and torque tong. It is an ideal well head tool for oil drilling apparatus and substitutes cathead manual tong and spinning rope in making-up and breaking-out.
The casing tong features high-efficiency, safety, reliability, labor-saving, and can ensure connection quality.It is widely used for making-up or breaking-out of casings or pipes.
     Spinning Wrench      Roller Kelly Bushing
The wrench is the best replacement of the spinning rope (or chain). It is applied for the mechanized spinning operation. The applicable range of pipe diameter is wide, and it can be arbitrarily adjusted whenever necessary.
Roller kelly bushing is a tool for drilling,by matching with rotary square to drive kelly pipe. Two transmission styles (square and pin-connect) are available.